Green House Plants

Want to make a lasting impression? Our collection of leafy green house plants is a brilliant choice. Indoor plants have been shown to enhance moods, and they certainly brighten up any space. Read more

Give a leafy green indoor plant as a gift

Whether they will be displayed in a cubicle or featured prominently in a kitchen greenhouse window, our indoor plants will last for months as a constant reminder of how much you care. Green plants blend in with any decor. But when you send a Teleflora plant, you can choose the perfect house plant to match your loved one's unique sense of style. From ferns, dieffenbachia, green ivy, pothos, schefflera, dracaena, variegated ivy, palm, spathiphyllum, white butterfly syngonium, to a potted ficus plant, there's something for every design sensibility. Many of our succulents and miniature gardens are arranged in bowls with river rocks, sheet moss and bark accents.

Bring nature indoors with the gift of green plants

Go green! Research shows that indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one. Environmentally friendly growing green plants help purify the indoor air. When you give a potted house plant or indoor plant as a gift, you're providing a beautiful, living piece of décor that can be incorporated into the home and live for months with very little care. If your recipient doesn't have a green thumb, no need to worry. Every plant comes with instructions and is personally delivered by a florist who can provide plant care tips.

We deliver green plants - they are excellent feng shui for a home or office

Send a lucky bamboo plant with its peaceful vitality and strong growth, bamboo is an easy-care hydroponic plant that brings peace to any environment. Healthy plants are excellent feng shui for a home or office because they bring vibrant Chi, or energy into the space. Create good feng shui by keeping the plant healthy and position it in good feng shui bagua areas of your home and our visually appealing pots and containers.

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